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care & maintenance

care and maintenance of porcelain tiles

initial post installation clean

This stage should be carried out upon the completion of tiling and grouting before handover. It is an important treatment. Failure to do so may result in dirt building up on surface making regular cleaning more difficult. A cleaner should be used to wash/scrub away traces of lime, cement resin residues and grout hazing. It is recommended to use aquamix stone and tile cleaner. Read instructions carefully and fully understand before commencement of cleaning.

For stubborn stains the use of aquamix nano scrub may also be necessary. If in doubt seek professional assistance.

Sealing the grout joints is recommended but not essential. Sealing will help to maintain the original appearance of the grout. If sealing of grout is undertaken always remove any excess from the tile surface.

regular care and maintenance

It is important to have the tiled surfaces clean and washed regularly. A mild acid free cleaner may be used using a white nylon scrubbing brush or sponge or mop. You can use aquamix concentrated stone and tile cleaner for regular cleaning. For heavier cleaning you can use aquamix heavy duty cleaner in both cases following manufacturers instructions.

With textured surfaces it may be necessary to clean more often and use more of a scrubbing action to remove grim and dirt build up. There is always a trade off between slip rating and ease of cleaning! Always clean after scrubbing with clean water.

In wet areas such as bathrooms use of a rubber squeegee will reduce the build up of soap scum.

If using cleaning agents always read instructions first.

If you need professional help you can call turboforce: Josh 08 9330 7247

Aquamix products may be purchased from turboforce: 08 9330 7247 or visit for further technical information.

Important note: Acid based cleaners are not to be used on natural stone surfaces as the result will be etching of the stone surface. Please take care with stone surfaces that may be adjacent to tiled areas.

care and maintenance of natural stone

initial post installation clean and regular cleaning of natural stone

Original ceramics recommends that experienced and professional contractors undertake initial cleaning and the subsequent sealing of all stone.

Use of an aggressive PH neutral detergent will be needed to remove difficult marks and we recommend a product such as aquamix heavy-duty tile and stone cleaner or similar. It may also be necessary to use in conjunction with aquamix nano scrub to remove stubborn laying residue.

It is important not to use acid based cleaners on stone floors and walls. The acid will etch the surface.

Remember to use rubber gloves and read manufactures instructions carefully. It may be necessary to repeat the process if dirt and marks are stubborn. Remove any traces of cleaner residue with clean water and/or nylon pad.

Cleaning of exfoliated or textured finishes will require more frequent cleaning using some agitation with a hand scrubbing pad or mechanical brush. This will dislodge the dirt from the surface. High-pressure cleaners can be used as an option externally to dislodge dirt and grime. Wash down thoroughly with clean water.

A more gentle approach to maintenance may be to use enjo mopping implements and fabrics to leave a streak free appearance for regular cleaning. A touch of methylated spirits may be added to the clean potable water.

Do not use aggressive cleaning agents such as jiff or ajax on all stone surfaces.

It is recommended that if in doubt you consult a professional cleaning contractor. We recommend turboforce: Contact Josh on 08 9330 7247

sealing of stone

Stone must be completely clean and dry prior to sealing. We recommend sealers choice gold from aquamix. this is a penetrating sealer that will not change the appearance of the stone. After application of sealer is complete any excess sealer residue should be removed by buffing with a white nylon pad.

Aquamix sealers choice will not have resistance to acidic substances such as alcohol, coke or citrus/ lemon juice so extreme care is needed.

We recommend turboforce: Contact Josh on 08 9330 7247

Aquamix products may be purchased from turboforce.

Visit for further technical information about sealers and cleaning agents.